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Five Acts - Round Six

Five Acts - Round Six

-Just list your five favourite acts/kinks in a post, your favourite pairings from different fandoms and someone will write a comment-fic for you :)
-Then go and hunt down other lists so that you can write comment-fic for people in return! The link is up above, just click "Five Acts." It's being organized by toestastegood so be sure to thank him/her for this awesome writing experience!
-Also, this goes till April 19th, 2012 so sign up at the link above :3

My List

1) Over the top Possessive Behaviour
- I like it when one or both of the characters are possessive of each other. Anything from interupting a conversation by putting an arm around the love interest to following the love interest around. Making it dark as possible would be lovely.

2) Courting/wooing - the love interest must be wooed! It can be as unconventional and unique to the pairing as you like ^_^

3) Reincarnation - I always like the idea of reincarnation and soulmates, second chances etc. You can do many dark things with it too...

4) Time Travel - Again, with the idea of second chances or the idea that you can't change history (again, extremely dark).

5) Seeing the dead - if any of the characters have the power to see the dead, I'm all over that. Really. Whether crack or horror or dark, I'd love it.


Sherlock BBC:
Sherlock/John, Sherlock/girl!John, John/anyone (as long as John is on the bottom, if there is sex)
Merlin: Arthur/Merlin
Harry Potter: Tom Riddle/Harry Potter, Cedric Diggory/Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore/Harry Potter (honestly, if you're read 'Ephermeral Time' by Mystical Magician, it works), Ron Weasley/Harry Potter (read "The Abmysal Dating Life of Harry Potter" and you'll be converted)
X-Men: First Class: Erik/Charles, Alex/Charles
Hunger Games: Peeta/Katniss, Cato/Katniss
Game of Thrones: Jon/Arya
Firefly: Mal/River
Bones: Booth/Brennan
Code Geass: Suzaku/Lelouch

Things I've Written for Others:

Our Inner Beasts - Harry/Ron for siehn
 EDIT: Cleaned up and extended version is posted here.
Mark of Caine - Charles/Erik for toestastegood
Not the Hands That Kill - John/Sherlock for emerald_embers

Things Written For Me:

Seeing the Dead - John/Sherlock by siehn
 EDIT: Cleaned up and extended version is posted here
Devotion, Sherlock - John/Sherlock by toestastegood
Broken Radio - Charles/Erik by emerald_embers


Apr. 14th, 2012 06:18 am (UTC)
John/Sherlock--Seeing the dead 1/2
John Watson has been one of the Haunted for as long as he can remember. His whole life, he suspects. He's just one of those people who seem to collect the dead, and he's long since gotten used to seeing them hanging about, mourning their lives, or raging about the unfairness inherent in violent deaths. Very rarely does he get the peaceful sort; no, they tend to move on rather quickly to whatever awaits them in the afterlife.

It was at the worst in Afghanistan, where the people he lost were patients, and friends; brothers who died because he couldn't save them. He probably went a little mad, there, at the end, before he threw himself in front of a bullet without thinking. Half the time he's left wondering if he isn't a ghost himself, half-mourning and half-rage left to wander London with the others because there's nowhere else he'd rather be. Sometimes that reality seems truer than any other.

Sherlock Holmes makes him feel alive again, but the man attracts the dead like a corpse does maggots. They surround him, trail after him, but he can't see them; inevitably, their attention falls to John. It's harder to ignore, somehow, now that he's been so close to their world himself, and he can't help but stop beside the soaked, sobbing little girl standing beside the streetlamp.

"I'm so cold," she tells him, her words stuttered, and tiny, and he aches for her because she's so young. He's a doctor, and he's never been able to sit back and watch someone suffer.

"Where's Mum then, hm? I expect she'll be looking for you," he tells her gently, closing his eyes because all Mum has found is the cold blue corpse of her daughter. Sherlock's footsteps have stopped just up ahead, but John doesn't look up from the girl. She's staring at him, wide-eyed, and he's used to that, too.

"Mummy already found me, and the bad man is gone," she says softly, staring into the alley where the suspect's body had been. Single bullet wound to the head, though a part of John had wanted him to suffer. "The shadows dragged him away," she adds, shuddering and huddles closer to him. John knows all about the shadows that come after certain deaths. Soul-Eaters, his Gran called them. They don't take children.

Apr. 14th, 2012 06:19 am (UTC)
John/Sherlock--Seeing the dead 2/2
He swallows thickly, has no clue what to say, really. It's rare to find a child who understands this much; they usually only beg for their parents, or someone, anyone to help. He feels more than hears Sherlock at his side, and can't help but brace himself for whatever his flatmate has to say.

"The victim?" Sherlock asks, and John can't get a read on him at all. He just nods, watching the little girl wrap her arms around herself, and cough up dirty water. It's never easy to tell what Sherlock will say about the ghosts that follow John.

"She's cold," John says, reaching out to her half-way because he can't help it even though he knows he can't touch. There are so few he can ever actually help, and it's always hard.

Sherlock is quiet for a breath, and then steps close enough to brush shoulders with John, obviously following his gaze to the little girl he can't actually see. "Close your eyes," he starts, gruff as usual, and John stares up at him. Sherlock ignores him. "Think of the warmest memory you have; curled up beneath a blanket with Mummy, perhaps. Remember it as hard as you can; that, and nothing else, until you can feel it," he instructs, and the little girl actually does it, crying in earnest once she is so obviously beginning to warm up, disappearing from even John's sight at last.

It's never easy to get a ghost to let go, but children are already half-way there, and John never suspected Sherlock would know how. It isn't exactly 'relevant to the work' after all. "Thank you, Sherlock," he says instead of anything else because behavior like this should be positively reinforced.

His flatmate, however, just looks uncomfortable for a moment before huffing, and rolling his eyes. "You obviously weren't going to just leave her there," he mutters, tugging his collar up, and sweeping off as dramatically as possible. John is exhausted, and hungry, and being followed by ghosts that are no where near as easy to put down. Still, he can't help but smile because that was almost sweet, for Sherlock.


...I have no idea about this. But you said 'seeing the dead' and my brain did this. It's kind of more gen than anything; sorry about that. HI. I'M SIEHN. also this got a little long.
Apr. 14th, 2012 04:23 pm (UTC)
Re: John/Sherlock--Seeing the dead 2/2
Oh. My. God. I love you for this. It was amazing and perfect and the pre-slash was very well done, subtle, which is what I always enjoy. Thank you so much!!

I have to say, I was pulled in by the surreal writing and atmosphere you gave to this story. I can imagine the dead trailing after Sherlock and the detective just pretending he doesn't notice... at least not until he sees how it bothers John.

The little girl... my goodness... you just took my heart away. Everything about this was brilliant. Tomorrow I'm going to write you back a fic because (sniff) this was just beautiful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing my favourite trope ^.^

P.S. I'll probably write a Harry/Ron or Sherlock/John in return
Apr. 14th, 2012 06:06 pm (UTC)
Re: John/Sherlock--Seeing the dead 2/2
x3 Awesome, I'm so glad you like it.

...I really really love the idea, not gonna lie. I could see it all in my head as soon as I read the trope description, and I kind of just had to write it. ehehe. It probably would have went on longer if I hadn't forced myself to remember it was comment!fic. ♥

You are most welcome; it was fun!