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Sit Down at a Typewriter and Bleed -Ernest Hemmingway

Words spill and spell in your woes.

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you light the sky
30 November
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Struggling Writer. Book Lover. Shakespeare Lover.

Frustrated Student. Shy Pianist. Obsessive Doodler. Avid Daydreamer. Ever the romance fangirl.

I write fanfiction, slash and het. I have three fanfiction accounts (You Light The Sky, Tainted Ink and Paper, Ms. Notebook) which are catered to different fandoms. You can find links to them on my tumblr.

On my Livejournal, Merlin/Arthur, Sherlock/John, Sherlock/Joan(girl!John), Tony/Steve and Ron/Harry fanfictions... as well as writing and school rants.

I also ship Doctor/Rose like crazy.

Hope to make some great friends and fellow writers here :)

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